Trash Collection

Trash is collected on Friday for Tall Trees.   Note the
embossed directions on the lids.  The new Groot containers
just need to be rolled straight out with the lid edge near the
curb. The old compost containers are different and the handle
went to the curb. Notice when containers are empty they will
be sideways to indicate they have been serviced.  Village
guidelines specify that trash should not be placed curbside
before dusk on Thursday, and that containers should be
removed by the following evening.  Our bylaws specify that
trash containers should be stored out of site and should not
be able to be viewed from the street.

Home Improvements

Looking for a contractor?  Check out our home improvement
contractor page.  As a Tall Trees resident, you can recommend
contractors you have used for additions, decks, repairs,
maintenance, landscaping, house cleaning and more.  
here for more details.

Control of Pets

A license is required for all dogs and is available at the Village
Hall. This license fee will be waived if you provide
documentation that can show the dog to be at least 15 years
of age. Also, please remember that Village ordinances require
that your dog be leashed and that you carry a device to "clean
up" after your dog while walking off of your private property.  
Please click here for the Village Code on Control of Animals.


Do not leave your vehicle on Village streets between 1:00 a.m.
and 6:00 a.m. Parking regulations are strictly enforced during
those hours to provide security for the neighborhood and to
facilitate street cleaning.
Speed Limit

The speed limit in Tall Trees is 25 miles per hour.
Please remember to observe the speed limit
and encourage contractors and visitors to do the
same.  Watch for small children and pedestrians
especially after dusk.  

Road Rules

Illinois “Rules of the Road” state that walkers, roller bladers
and joggers should be on the side of the road facing traffic.  If
you are out walking after sunset be sure to wear reflective
clothing or carry flashlight.    Bicyclists must ride with the auto
traffic and obey stop signs.

Hydrant Flushing

The Utility Division of the Public Works Department
conducts a semi-annual flushing of the water
distribution system to eliminate as much mineral
content as possible from the water supply. Fire
hydrant flushing removes a considerable amount
of the loose mineral contents and “settleable”
solids that accumulate in the water supply system.

Fire hydrant flushing operations are conducted
during the evening hours between 10:30 p.m. and
7:00 a.m. in order to eliminate some inconveniences
such as potential low water pressure and discolored water.
Customers may still experience a short period of discoloration
during flushing and shortly after. Though water may be
discolored, it is safe to drink. However, until the water runs
clear, it is advisable to avoid washing clothes, especially white

Please visit the Village website at  for more details.
Notes and Reminders