Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Matters

Q: How much are annual dues?

A: 2024 annual dues are $325 and were due on June 1.

Q: How are dues and special assessments determined?

A: The board sets dues and assessments annually.

Q: Are there any special assessments under consideration?

A: As of 1/1/2024 not at this time.

Q: How do I get an HOA letter of good standing?

A: Contact

Q: What happens if I don't pay my dues on time?

A: You will be charged a late fee see the by-laws

Q: What happens if I never pay my dues?

A: A Lien will be placed on your property by the board.

Board Matters

Q: Can I serve on the board?

A: Yes! There are 5 board seats.  Members server 2-Year Terms.  

Q: Are there board elections?

A: Yes. Elections are held in January.

Q: How can I reach the board for a question?

A: Email

Q: How do I handle a complaint with a neighbor?

A: First talk to your neighbor, if you can't resolve the issue you can bring it to the board's attention.  The board is not a police body so we recommend trying to work out any conflicts first.


Q Is Tall Trees a Neighborhood watch community?

A: No. If you see a problem dial 911.

Q: What is the speed limit in Tall Trees?

A: 25 Miles per hour

Q: Can children play on the street?

A: Yes, under the supervision of an adult. We recommend, however, children take advantage of the spacious back yards.



Neighborhood Questions

Q: Can I put up a fence around my property?

A: No. Fences are not allowed to keep the space open.

Q: I noticed a few houses do have fences how is that so?

A: Those homes were grandfathered in.  See fence amendment.

Q: Can I park a truck or camper on my driveway?

A: No.  Campers, trucks, boats etc. are not permitted.

Q: Can I park my car in my driveway overnight?

A: Yes

Q: Can I park my car on the street overnight?

A: No.  It is a Village ordinance.

Q: When is garbage collected?

A: On Fridays.  Cans may be taken to the curb on Thursday night.

Q: Do homes in tall trees have septic and wells?

A: No. Tall Trees is served by Village Water and Sewers

Q: Do I need a water softener?

A: Yes.  Barrington has hard an a water softener is recommended.

Q: Where can I store my garbage cans?

A: Cans should be stored out of site.  Typically behind shrubbery.


Q: Are pets allowed in tall trees?

A: Yes. Cats, dogs and other common household pets are allowed

Q: Can own an exotic pet?

A: No. Village ordinance does not allow exotic pets

Q: Can I put up a chain link dog run?

A: No. Fences are not allowed. Electric fences are welcome.

Q: How many pets may I own?

A: 3 per household