Terms of Use
The Tall Trees of Barrington Homeowners Association  (HOA )
web site is provided by the HOA and is designed to facilitate
communication among residents and potential residents for
HOA membership or Tall Trees community related  purposes.  

Privacy & Security
The HOA takes reasonable precautions to keep your contact
and other information provided to the HOA from this web site  
private.  HOA does not rent, barter, sell or otherwise provide
your personal information to 3rd parties.

Directory Information
HOA publishes a telephone directory intended for use by Tall
Trees residents for the purpose of facilitating member
communications.  The directory is distributed to member
households electronically and is intended for the sole use HOA
members.  The HOA takes reasonable measures to insure the
accuracy of the contact  data and provides an opt-in / opt-out
mechanism on the
Contact Us page.

Residents may opt-in to receive electronic communications
from HOA for the purpose of sharing Tall Trees community
news, notices, event schedules, official HOA business, dues
notices, directory distribution, promotion of Tall Trees
neighborhood social events and homes for sale in Tall Trees

The e-mail list is controlled by the HOA.  HOA members that
would like to have a notice forwarded can do so by sending an
e-mail to
admin@talltreesofbarrington.org.  Notices for events
such as the annual Tall Trees Road Rally, Tall Trees Bingo,
Open Houses, neighborhood parties etc. Will be forwarded on
a member's behalf.  

The HOA will not forward e-mail it considers to be SPAM
including solicitations for charitable contributions, commercial
offers from unrelated not for profit groups, organizations or
clubs (i.e. girl scout cookies) offers to attend home parties
with a commercial intent (i.e. Tupperware, sales etc.)
commercial offers unrelated to Tall Trees Home sales or
information HOA considers to be outside the scope of the
terms of use.  The HOA may post notices for such events or
offers on the web site if they represent value to the
community, but will not place them in e-mail.
The website uses a variety of forms for submitting information
to the HOA for business purposes.  We take reasonable
precautions to insure the forms are user friendly and the
information is kept private.  However, form submission takes
place by e-mail and is not encrypted.

PayPal & Credit Cards
HOA accepts credit card payments for dues and assessments
through PayPal.  HOA does not directly accept credit cards, nor
does HOA collect credit card numbers.  All PayPal transactions
are conducted on the Pay Pal site using secure SSL encryption
and PayPal security.  While HOA believes PayPal transactions to
be safe and secure, HOA does not accept any liability for
members choosing to use this payment method.  For more
details on PayPal please visit

This web site is meant for the private use of Tall Trees
residents and members of the Homeowners Association.  
Postings on the site are intended to accommodate
neighborhood networking within Tall Trees and the content of
postings is the sole responsibility of the member posting the

All matters concerning the services from baby sitter providers
and private contractors including payment terms, warranties,
guarantees, and performance are solely between member and
the provider.

The Tall Trees Homeowners Association makes no warranties
or representations whatsoever with regard to any services
provided by contractors, sitters, members etc. that may be
listed on this site.

You will not consider The Tall Trees Homeowners Association
nor will The Tall Trees Homeowners Association be construed
as a party to such transactions.  Further, The Tall Trees
Homeowners Association SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY
Privacy Policy